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She asked me what I had been doing.

Reading and learning, I replied.


I scanned my mind, trying to pin down the essential pieces of knowledge,

the wisdom,

obscured by the clutter of information,

open to interpretation.


That the truth is buried somewhere within the lies.”




You see what you wanna see,

yes, I agree,

when I hear what I wanna hear.

(Let me be!)




“Oh my god!

I’m speechless!”

she exclaimed,

something about shampoo.

… Speechless?

Seems not, alas,

but we can hope and wish.

… World peace.




How can people so far apart

be neighbors?




Is it a dream, a memory,

or a premonition?

There’s a tap at the door

(more so a hatch).

You grope in the darkness,

find the latch and open.

The flashlight shines in,

blinds you.

Yes, there is light,

but does it help you see?




I eat the jar of fine French pâté,

fully and completely,

decadent but necessary.

Depleted, I need energy.

I savor every bite.

I consider the best before date,

3 years hence,

and think of the Armageddon bunker

I theoretically may be stocking:

yes, Terrine de Caille,

avec Raisins.

Functional finery.

Yes, to life and taste, in all settings.





Small word,

big meaning.

If only…

Implications immense,

future, past,





Routines are easy,

routines are hard,

imply discipline

(and cloaked petard!)

… Trash day,

Broken Soul Prospekt.




Imitation, they say,

is the sincerest form of flattery.

Well then, family

is the sincerest form of battery.

And “friends”?

Always wanting more

(cock-sucking whores!)…

Life, open page,

Quiet and deafening rage.




Yes, things suck, I quite agree,

but it’s hard to imagine it being




So, let me be…

In relative peace

and comparative security.