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Time missed.

Clock ticks.

You glance.

No second chance.

How your heart sinks,

when you realize the minute hand

is moving 60 to the dozen.

Life, think,

see, perceive,


chance gone.

Yesterday is something to look forward to.




To keep myself sane

and motivated to live


I tried to recall in my head

and hum out loud

Shostakovich’s Seventh.

But, alas,

all I could manage was

Sviridov’s uh, yeah…




When you don’t like the name you were given,

or the role assigned by “fate”,



when the time is apt

(new wave, vanguard rides),

you can choose your own path,

within the radical system,

and be

a functionary,

anonymous to the masses

(now, allow yourself a self-satisfied smile),

part of the new ruling class,

a righteous cog,

essential pillar,



If you keep listening to Time, Forward! long enough,

you realize that it may actually be Time, Backwards

and that is not a bad thing.


I listened to the radio news

and spoke with the school janitor,

to get the lay of the land,

to hear what’s what.

Informed, indeed,

somewhat, apparently.

Yes, I know more,

but I question the value

of such garbage in my head,

as I run to the hills,

screaming, demented,

desperately looking for higher ground.


It was a tumultuous time,

with few moments of comfort.

He asked his grandfather to record a TV program: Great Russian Writers, the Anton Chekhov episode.

His grandfather asked if he was a Communist.

He didn’t get it.