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Am I seeing stars?

Through the iced-up window,

it is hard to tell.


I believe I am seeing stars,

amongst the freezing nebula,

and I close my eyes to focus…

For where there are stars,

there is hope.




Outside, I approached the car.

Inside, he watched carefully.

Slowly, he wound the window down.

I could hear Nautilus Pompilius playing,

one track transitioned into another,

a homemade cassette.

I smiled inwardly.

I knew we would have something to talk about.




In-flight socks no longer provided,

no matter,

nation remains standing, divided.

The flight attendant looks at me askance.

He/she moves on.

I sit and stew,

sardine can.

In-flight socks.

I still have a pair from the ’90s,

a present from my grandparents.

While Yeltsin was snapping bra-straps,

they were jetting back and forth

and I was at home with a broken arm.

Happy Birthday, Manda.

Or, something like that.

In any case…

Something of a novelty.


Though they are gone,

the synthetic socks live on.


Sometimes it is enough

to see one end of a rainbow,


even a mere glimpse

on the horizon.

How long has it been?

How long has it been?


An end to the acid rain?