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SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-2_ DT & Pence 2

A winning blend, they believe,

of capitalism, show business,

and chest-thumping nationalism.

This is the stuff of democracy!

(aka electoral victory)

Suddenly self-reliant, apparently;

oozing hubris, the child leaves.

Goodbye, no need to thank strange other,

former fellow traveler.

“This day is history!” the child sneeringly crows.

In the sense that it is past, yes,

otherwise, no.


(To be continued…)








Space Junk

Random acts of kindness,


fester inside,

turn to bitterness.


(To be continued…)








I was in a good place

until around you came,

with your crappy chess set,

making me play your game.




A man gets out of a van, he has a clipboard and an air of self-importance. Loudly he calls my name…






High art, pop culture interpretations, history, rocket science, street dogs, saying yes to who you are, and saying no to who you don’t want to be. … Screw compromise – let it burn up on re-entry! Never to be touched by human hands again. … Perhaps ultimately we’re all destined to be space junk.



I love it, I’m not offended.

Peace out.