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Old Bayern

I pull the door shut

to give myself some space.

Stale air, after all,

is better than no air.









In a past life,

I was sent into space,

launched in a rocket,

I forget the time and place.

Traumatized, atomized,

blasted and dissected,

everything lost meaning,

form and being.


I have a feeling that I wasn’t dog or ape,

hopefully then, I was Félicette,

Parisienne Hero Cat,

not, alas, a nameless,

forgotten rat.








4 Vesta (in_natural_color)


Only rarely can you see an Asteroid with the naked eye,

they say, like Vesta,

in darkest night sky,


remote chance, like lottery win,

Tunguska again.




From my cell window at night,

sometimes they let me see the sky.

Sometimes I am lucky,

if I contort myself enough,

I can see a travelling light which I know (or hope)

is Mir.

I feel a connection,

an appreciation of beauty,

the best of humanity,

yes, hope.

Sometimes it lingers

but never long enough,

and always,


it passes.




The cupboard’s getting barer.

And I feel commensurately freer.




I looked up at the cloudless night sky,

impressed, as ever, by the stars, planets

and other phenomena on show.

And I was reminded how little we humans know,

how much of what we think we know

turns out to be wrong

(take perceptions of Pluto) …

and can we even be sure of what stars really are?

Then my eye caught a twinkling, down below, at ground level:

Christmas tree lights.

Yeah, that’s about the epitome of human achievement,

the sum of what we are “good” at,

that and exploiting others,

getting fat

and trashing Earth.


Comrade Remek’s got red hands,

slapped by his master:

whenever he tries to touch a dial,

adjust a setting,

do something,

in life.


He’s not the only one.


Day by day

we all get slapped down

deeper and deeper

until we are six feet under,

or burnt to ashes,

consumed on re-entry,

returned to our natural place, natural state,

death and non-existence,

nothingness on Planet Earth.


From Mir it looks so nice.