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You don’t get it,

even now,

with all the “wisdom” of time and exposure.

Sometimes there is no definite answer,

North or South of the Equator.

Not everyone in the system is guilty,

but is any human ever truly innocent?

We took vitamins and supplements,

just like today’s heroes,

we did as we were coached and advised,

but the world needs a scapegoat,

we were thus vilified.

No contemporary law was broken,

still, we stand accused

and convicted in retrospect.

Compare the overweight,



of American Football,

who generally did it gladly

and knowingly.

If you know what I mean,

you may understand.



sacrificial lamb.


It’s all over.

And I feel empty, deflated, tired and wasted.

Used, abused and confused,

wondering about the point of it all.

Farcical and contentious,

it gives me the shits…

like Caster oil.

Corruption, poverty, moral decadence,

depravity, no one around to bear witness,

to see.

To ask:

Is this the Olympics?


The old athlete rightfully perceived it as an honor to present the medals at the Olympics.

She did all she could to respect the privilege.

But she was unsteady on her feet and appeared sad

compared to the smug Ukrainian prick at her side.

She smiled and staggered

and rued time’s ravages.

How could these little shits understand?

Perhaps she was drunk.

Perhaps she was sunk.

Perhaps you need to change your perspective and readjust your view.

Where has she been and where are you?


Olympiada turned away and hung her head in shame.

Not because she was ashamed of herself

but rather

of what was done in her name.

Humanity and the pursuit of excellence,

an oxymoron,

quite a spectacle.


Turku Athletics.

Beautiful warm Summer night.

Navels on display.


Tennis is a dirty sport.

Imagine the contaminants the balls picks up, bouncing, skidding, and snotty-nosed ballkids’ fingers.

The stars are paid millions,

the grinders are paid nothing.

Matches, games, points are thrown,

drugs are taken.

Modelling contracts are signed,

the lucky get to indulge and wank.

Long gone are the days of wooden racquets the comparative size of a spoon.

But the pundits cry: today’s best are the best ever!

Broken, busted and disgusted,

Tennis is a dirty game.

Dagmar disliked dirt on her hands.

The thought of touching the ball, etc, then touching her whatever during the change of ends was, frankly, repulsing.

So, she was frequently seen wiping her hands.

People laughed.

Man plans, God laughs,

people react, man laughs.

XC skiers wear gloves.

Swimmers hands are cleansed in chlorine.

This is the world we live in.

Tennis is a dirty sport.