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Lofty delusions of grandeur

weighed down by anchors of the past;

experience of betrayal prevents progress,



(To be continued…)







Every day, more desperate than the last.

Everyday, more desperate, then the last.


(To be continued…)







Nothing good to say…

(Silence so often golden!)

…Let her ride away.


(To be continued…)







Reaching out for help,

hoping for saving response;

wait, needing, waiting…


(To be continued…)







Some people move on,

some people don’t;

can or can’t,

will or won’t?


(To be continued…)







Sitting quietly, eating, trying to savor, tasting…

when I remember one thing, then another,

and memories come cascading,

cruelly, exponentially,

chain reaction in full flow,

past humiliations, degradations, violations,

betrayals, pains near and afar,

flooding my whole being,

overwhelming, sickening.

And I don’t want to eat any more,

I don’t want to taste or feel

or experience any more,

I only want nothingness.

I need to somehow escape…

Meal of hate.


(To be continued…)







Some things, incomprehensible to others,

are extremely meaningful to me (and, let’s say, you),

and we do and believe beyond “reason”,

and it feels right and proper,

being led by inner prompting,

touching something ethereal, yet substantial,

eternal, elemental, Je ne sais quoi.

Healing, wholeness, and peace …

Happy Epiphany!


(To be continued…)







Craving truth, beauty, wisdom,

compromised by expedience and experience,

everyday reality,

you, me, history.


(To be continued…)







Though I hear and read it repeatedly,

and sometimes feel compelled to use it myself,

I struggle constantly,

to spell the word “apocalypse” correctly;

somehow, it just won’t sink in.

… Probably that’s a good thing.


(To be continued…)







Wrong time,

wrong face…

Start again, know your place!


(To be continued…)