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Girl Pisses Herself 2

Fundamentally, in this fallen world,

we like to see people…


This is our joy.

If we are fortunate,

we will sleep through it.









7.24 (1251)

I felt the need,


by something beyond words

or “common sense”,

laws, societal reason

or public interests.


this is personal


as such,

it is all important

and inexplicable to others.

Today, I continued breathing.








Walking Away_ Wm c Suitcase

We’re on the same page,

a sense of deliberate disconnectedness from present time & place

(which, to me it is clear, we can’t positively change).

It’s nice, while it lasts,

remembering the past,

acknowledging the hopelessness of the present

by extension.

Until she gets back to today,

torment and strain,

and like a TV preacher,


she declares

we need


“make it happen”!

Inside, I walk away.









Nothing is impossible,

it seems,

except improvement

of situation.








7.21 (1937)

Resistance is futile,

as is compliance.

Either way,

whatever we do,

we’re screwed.

(Human, all too human)








Soviet Girl Writes

I’m stuck! (What the fuck?)

Lost in myriad of pain.

Thus, I write Haiku.









I may have known the answer,

but that was yesterday.

Today I am confused and overcome

by feelings of futility.

I therefore try to forget the question

and its implications,

burdens I cannot now take.

… Inside,

I walk away.









Shocked and appalled at the state of our yard,

old Nelly would be spinning in her grave,

if she hadn’t been cremated.








Perfidy_ Flowers & Knife

I’m breathing

and I’m living,

not exactly as expected,

or hoped,



Twists and turns of life,

of knives in back,

after all,

will screw with potential,


and glasses half full.


and perfidy.

Do you really want to know

what the future holds?








Luna Eclipse (Novosti Murmanskoy Oblasti.Ru)

We find the eclipse appealing,


reminding us of our own situation.