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Alexandre Dumas & Adah Isaacs Menken, 1866

Right day, wrong year…

I watch some TV,

This thing they show me…

Alas, it’s all too apparent,

mediocrity pays.











for which there are no good answers…

Everyday compromises…

You try to quiet the voices in your mind,

your soul,

they are pleading for something higher.

You convince yourself

(for the sake of sanity and “survival”)

that this living hell

is normal.








princess Eugenie 1

Sex sells

(and who’s buying?)…

Sex sells


souls, dollars,










Sometimes you’ve had too much

(a gutful)

before you’ve even begun.









Every year it gets harder and harder to commemorate

the event,

not because *it* means less to me,

but rather as, the longer I live,

*everything* seems more and more meaningless.

… There is a difference.








Sunglasses (Rus)

Some say retrograde,

I say renegade!

A rebel beyond constraints of time

and place.

A rebel for yesterday,


and today.

A rebel beyond judgement

of good, better, worse.

Totally with cause,


and purpose.

… There, I see him/her

wearing sunglasses,

AD 1572.









Those were the days,

in some ways,

but let’s not exaggerate,

or deny the latent

and pervasive









Forest Fire

The death of a loved one,

so traumatic, I’ll never forget,

and always regret,

the torrent

of destruction that followed.

Unholy purgatory,

minions of hell,

perverted concepts of revenge.

All so unnecessary,

curse and theft,

it breaks my heart


Life amongst the living dead,

alas, selfish,

perfidious clan.









Headache, Drinking Tea, Utro_

Fuck you and your panic attack!

… The future?

Screw that fear!

Today and yesterday, are and were

bad enough here.









If ever she says:

“I’m proud of you.”

It will be tinged

with the sadness of knowing,

for me,

it is not true.