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Sport is a rort, these days.

If you wanna make it work

you have to play the game,

smile ambiguously,

entertain …

TV interview …

… Say the right things, at the right time,

in the appropriate sickly sweet voice,

and you’re in.

… You win!

Alas, shame I don’t speak American…

… Lingua Franca,

and discarded morality…

We dance for Dollars

and cents.




“What is the truth and what is the bullshit?” the tennis player asked out loud. It was 1991.

He was reading books from a hundred years earlier to try to understand the now and then.

Twenty-five years later he still didn’t know the truth from the bullshit, but he had given up asking.

Those who thought the winds of change would bring all the answers were clearly wrong.

So many different voices speaking all at once on the open frequency range, all claiming to be right, all offering seemingly credible perspectives on why the other was wrong, led to nothing but utter confusion.

The former-tennis player preferred silence. In silence, truth and bullshit don’t matter so much. Even in his new role as a coach he was taciturn. Moreover he eschewed mammon. As such, he tended to be an invaluable coach who gave promising juniors a solid basis in the game but, as soon as the “big time” beckoned, he was jettisoned in favor of someone more appropriate, someone willing to play the game, so as to speak.