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Doyarka, 1959

Seeking some kind of essential,

I milk bricks, daily.




Christmas Nativity in the night

Jews are repulsive, indeed!

Thing is, Christians, Muslims,

Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists,

people and chimpanzees,

are inherently repulsive too.

(Such are the bad things we do!)

… Brothers, sisters,

we’re all God’s beloved trash.

Immense work,

Jesus had to save.




Time flies

and we die.

Buried treasure,

maggots eat,

become flies.





Could it be?

God is in the tree!

Huge, immense,

buffeted by elements.

Still here,

year after year,

beyond human ideas.

Could it be,

God is the tree?

Pray, child, be,


(Take care of those fallen leaves…)




I am me,


sometimes to the point of parody.

… My mother’s tragedy?

… A natural progression?

Who can truly say?

We are a sum of events,


and laments.




Green Ukraine


Green Ukraine,

there’s a story there,

but it’s probably not what you think.

Recycling, so as to speak,


history, people, land,

all apparently cheap.

Dreams of freedom,

distant east,

realities of time and place,

mosquitoes, blood,

expensive ideas.

Alas, Green Ukraine.





Àìåðèêàíñêèé äèðèæåð Ë.Ìààçåëü â ÑÑÑÐ


Pensive and introspective,

not a Beluga,

but I too like music classical.




JAO Girl, Selah


Today’s righteous, heroic action,

tomorrow’s death sentence.








Free love,

free hate,

free life,

free death,

free misery, nothingness and joy.

Freedom imposes,

freedom gives and takes.

Freedom bites.




Rich Mormons, Catholics and WASPs,


dream about Jews without money.

Nevertheless, in morality crusade,

self-righteous tirade,

they ban the book.