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“All the time in the world…”

Come and gone.

Flag unfurled.

Devushk son…





… Like when,

young and up too late,

you fall asleep in front of the TV set,

and subconsciously imbibe,


all of the nastiness

in the worst possible way.


you awake.

… Tomorrow’s hope disintegrates.





still waiting,


for the adults to act like adults,




… Really,

do we ever stop being petty children?




You listen to them and are immediately engaged:

Intelligent voices, perceptive.

You listen some more and gradually realize

how stupid in fact they actually are.

… Brainwashed wannabes:

talkative parakeets,

lauded by a society,

on a road to destruction.

Spouting words, no real comprehension,

elucidating idiocy,


nodding audience proficiency.

… Messages of love,

laced with hate.

(*Agree, or die!*)

… Really,

must we accept this “fate”?




Routines are easy,

routines are hard,

imply discipline

(and cloaked petard!)

… Trash day,

Broken Soul Prospekt.




If there’s a knock on the door

and your spirit within bristles

and your soul curdles:

don’t answer it,

especially if the knocking’s insistent.

Instead, hide.

Imagine the worst, that’s always the best…

Imagine for certain,

it’s Chekists at the door,

and know, they don’t want your co-operation,

they want your pain.




Last night Dionysus.

Today, I pick up the pieces.




What to do when home no longer exists?

Time and place gone

away so distant,

you wonder if it ever really was



in reality,

or just another fallacy

in this chamber of crazy mirrors

we call the life and times

of modern wo/man.




The Nuclear Scientists

are Nihilists.

… Compromised,

corralled by governments and strategists,

they wanna blow off some steam.

… Everyone has their limits.




Post-book libraries.

Post-truth societies…

Fragmented relationships with ourselves and others,

hollow, virtual realities.