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Something beautiful,

or at least I thought it was,

and/or wanted it to be.

Now tarnished,

sullied with hurt and pain.

Communication breakdown.




It is.

It was.

And it is gone.





Gift of Life,

from God Almighty,




and rejoice

through your inner tears,

you exist! …

Celebrate, the ultimate:

you were born …

Happy Birthday, indeed.







and flagellations.

Society, others and self drag one under…

… As waves crash on the shore

and life washes away.




Don’t sit, it’s too expensive.

Stand at the café

and walk away.




I’m an optimist:

when they leave,

I don’t expect them to come back…




Human existence…

Limited resistence.

Every now and then you run into a wall,

jaded, wise and cynical,

you realize the futility of it all.

Thousands of years of evolution,

one way or another,

for this?

(Poxy pinnacle!)

Why do we go on?

(Deluding ourselves with stupid songs…)

As a species,

when our primal urges are thwarted,


our lofty ambitions of improvement fail,

banality and futility reign,

and there is no hope,


what is there left to live for?




That’s the sound of freedom, right there, said the preacher,

full of hubris and pride, pointing skyward at the fighter jet,

breaking the sound barrier, making the air shudder,

shattering the peace.

Indeed, that’s the sound of military-imposed “freedom”, I reply,

from a godless system, on high.

Happy Birthday,

to me, you and





Next thing I knew, I remember being on a plane,

long-haul flight,

a special kind of torture,

sardine can humanity,

all-pervasive drone.

My fellow passengers seemed to be enlivened and excited.



Why, oh why,

can’t they contain themselves?

Sit quiet and still,

headphones on

listening to Led Zeppelin,

zoned out,

like I

was trying to be.





I don’t look in the mirror

because I don’t want to see myself,

future, past.