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Yesterday’s revolution.

Today’s memory.

Tomorrow’s disappointment.

Counteractive forces

play their part.

(Alas, they tear out my heart!)

And we are back

at square one.

… Some say

there is nothing new under the Sun.

Revolution indeed.





A broken clock is right twice a day,

sad cliché, perhaps,

but true.

In the upheaval,

a clock was shot.

Time stopped…

Revolution continues!




Screw you and your time imperatives!

I don’t wear a watch…

It takes as long as it takes…

The Sun rises & sets,

now will always be now,

in retrospect,

and tomorrow is Revolution!




Is tomorrow the end of yesterday’s hopes and dreams,

or is tomorrow the end of pain and fear?

Someone’s life or death,

something in between.




I woke up this morning

and it wasn’t yesterday,


instant headache.




In theory: yes.

In practice: It depends on others.

In reality: I don’t know.

… Ipso facto,

we will see …




The villagers were happy,

today was a respite

after last night’s storm.

A chance to repair

the damage and destruction

wrought by the howling winds.

What fortune (!),

today the Sun even shines,

indeed moods rise,

as they prepare to batten down the hatches

for, tomorrow or the next day,

another storm cometh.

Commendable, stupid people,

they are functional.

… I am but a philosopher,

a futility phobic,

screaming myself to sleep:

“Let me off this fucking boat!”




I wait for a smile,

some hope.

… I get nothing

but hurt.




Red Terror,

White Terror,

Day Terror,

Night Terror.

Every day terror,


every waking and sleeping moment,


when people are around.




How can people so far apart

be neighbors?