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Yes, when you think of it like that: *Fuck!*

Like, Marta, who you meet on a plane,

your 10-hour neighbor,

talkative, new best friend.

Her husband likes tampons.

More precisely,

he likes watching Marta

using tampons,

a lot,

until it hurts.

He likes other things

which also hurt.

Like, my ears,

stomach and head.

I look down,

between my legs,

Gorky unread.





1958. 10F

For all the Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Let us not forget too

that Bourgeoisie

is a proudly French term.




Enchanted we’re born.

Hopeful we’re children.

Disenchanted we grow.


life cycle.

Too soon, we die.




Some days

Borscht exists.

And that

is sufficient.




Женя Биглова

In these days of constant flashing lights,

gimmicks & perversions,

I have a yearning to return to Chess

and innocent card games.




Mauer fällt

Gradually, I put the pieces together,

ultimately, then

the edifice crumbles,

and the wall





Hiroshima Shadow 2

He greeted them pleasantly,

rudely, they ignored.

Presently, he wished them woe betide.

Tomorrow, but a smear on pavement.



Your neighbors

are a shit-stain on history.




“Do or die!” inner voice cries,

establishment imbued.

Soul decides, if it’s really down to two,

resignedly, alas,

let’s go with latter.




You wake up,

so as to speak,

and gradually the pain and shit of your existence

seeps back into your consciousness.

Disappointments and mistakes loom large,

yours and others.

From this life there is no escape.

Today, yet again,

more compromise and treason.




USAF (over Syria_)

“That girl,

I followed her.

She led me into a dark place.”