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Strange, beautiful and bizarre,

this feeling and connection with small planet,

millions of kilometers away,

a feeling

much more real and ardent,

than I have for people surrounding.

… Unlike them, *it* is “there” for me.


(To be continued…)







Drink tea and coffee,

if you please: this life’s too short

to choose only one.


(To be continued…)







So, I dreamed I was a bodyguard

for an MMA fighter from Nizhny Novgorod.

Imagine: excitement, adventure, violence, love.

A veritable fairy tale for today!

From which I awoke,

with a massive, throbbing headache.


(To be continued…)







Time in itself, does not demand. It is indifferent to us, our needs and wants.

But we, from birth, taught to feel an imperative, demand everything of time and, in turn, place ourselves, individual and collective, in great bondage.


(To be continued…)







My good intentions,

diverted by distraction;

compromised, again.


(To be continued…)







Gradually we drift,

to the edge of sure abyss,

for calmness we lie…


(To be continued…)







Reach out… Get rejected.

Keep to self… Get neglected.


(To be continued…)







They say truth sets free;

alas, it often gets lost:

lies and agenda.


(To be continued…)







The changes obviously suit somebody

(maybe several somebodies),

the changes, however, do not suit me,

surely I’m not alone;

I imagine I have some “kindred spirits”,

somewhere, who resist changes

which serve no good purpose for the majority

(who would realize it, if they could detach, and focus);

changes which complicate our lives yet further, and drain,

life and sanity, time and mind.

… After all, I’m only now, somewhat,

getting used to it being Summer;

why should I embrace a Fall?


(To be continued…)







Caspar David Friedrich_ Wanderer Above Sea of Fog

Do I have anything to say that isn’t cliché?

(Do any of us?)


It depends on who’s reading/listening,

and when.


(To be continued…)