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1952. Nikola Mirchev

Time flies,


and you forget quite where you are

and/or have been.

Perhaps it’s best,

after all,

we don’t really want to know

where we’re going.




Mars Night Sky

A vague memory of some pleasant

(or at least benign) dream persists.

You were in a cocoon,

protected from time and place.

But now awake and exposed,

you grope,

you hope,

Jaruzelski’s dark glasses.




Candles (ROC)

Your skepticism has ugly, loud manifestations.

Our Faith is beautiful,



We are human,

we can hope.




Golub' s olivkovoy vetv'yu

She views you

much the same way you view him:

Frightful thought!

Let’s walk back, reflect,


Grace be.




Christmas Nativity in the night

Jews are repulsive, indeed!

Thing is, Christians, Muslims,

Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists,

people and chimpanzees,

are inherently repulsive too.

(Such are the bad things we do!)

… Brothers, sisters,

we’re all God’s beloved trash.

Immense work,

Jesus had to save.




Malinovka 1






You like eating worms?





Winter peace & stillness.

Like most things people say,

it’s a myth.

And *how* it mocks,

upends your sense of right,

kicks you in the guts,

and spits in your face.

Like good intentions,

other people’s actions

make what should be

a lie.




You reach out,

one way or another,

as best you can, here and now.

And in the resultant emptiness

you are reminded

how alone

and lost at sea

we actually are

(whether you realize it or not).

Happy New Year…




Their decisions,

sometimes malign,

often banal,

always selfish,

have consequences.

They impact,

they hurt.


inside and out,

your heart and soul screams…

This is not the life you want to live.




They make your life a misery.

Their choices imposed on your reality.

Your neighbor, man in the street,

voices on a bus, flashlight in your face.

Beat, beat, beat,

demonic metronome…

objective: soul broken.