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My watch has stopped working,

but I’m in no hurry to fix it.

I’ve lost track of time,

and I feel fine.

Hours, days, months, years,


into obscurity fade.

All is history.

Thus, I can detach myself

and analyze


safe from the capricious dictates

of the elusive,

practically non-existent





Koniec Gry (Game Over)


I remember when

(it seemed)

I had all the time in the world.

All the time in the world,


until it ends.

(Childhood, time, the world…)




Sibir Rail Track, Taiga, Sunrise


My chance has gone,

the calendar and passport say.

“Did I ever actually have one?”

I sigh.

Fate has no reply.




The fashionista proclaims that you can tell a lot about a man by his wristwatch, his chosen timepiece.

Like, he may not be able to afford an appropriate car to reflect his vibe, but with a well-chosen watch he can convey his hopes and aspirations, his essence and being.

The man-child looks down at his unadorned wrist and smiles,





There’s always tomorrow,

until there isn’t,

one way or another,

but, still,

and moving,

however jarring,

even if blown away,

there’s always yesterday.





What to do when home no longer exists?

Time and place gone

away so distant,

you wonder if it ever really was



in reality,

or just another fallacy

in this chamber of crazy mirrors

we call the life and times

of modern wo/man.