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Sweet as

a sleep deprived dream

in which your dog,

dead 10 years or more,

jumps into bed with you,

his paws on your shoulders,

he pulls you back to another time and place,

you feel his long member hard and extended,

it’s against your back and then it’s inside of you,

and he’s fucking you,



like the brutish little rapist he was

and apparently is.

Sweet as…





The fashionista proclaims that you can tell a lot about a man by his wristwatch, his chosen timepiece.

Like, he may not be able to afford an appropriate car to reflect his vibe, but with a well-chosen watch he can convey his hopes and aspirations, his essence and being.

The man-child looks down at his unadorned wrist and smiles,





Not here,

and nowhere near…

You want to find happiness?

You must live long enough

to have a chance!

Yes, indeed,

the thing is,

the key:

you need

to live a long life.




There’s always tomorrow,

until there isn’t,

one way or another,

but, still,

and moving,

however jarring,

even if blown away,

there’s always yesterday.





Screw you and your time imperatives!

I don’t wear a watch…

It takes as long as it takes…

The Sun rises & sets,

now will always be now,

in retrospect,

and tomorrow is Revolution!




So late,

so early,

eternal circle,

time imposed upon,


rhythm unknown.

(We grope in darkness…)




TV preacher,

ardent as ever,

talks of the end times prophesies

being realized

(you see it more and more everyday,

the Book of Revelations actualized,

these truly are the last days…).

So, act now, the announcer says,

buy the book,

Revelations & End Times Explained,

for a limited time only…

“Now available in special leather binding,

legacy edition,

a great gift and family heirloom,

to pass on to your grandchildren…”




The month flew by

like an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile,

thrust into Space,

an affront to God,

burned up on re-entry.

Time, gone.




I don’t look in the mirror

because I don’t want to see myself,

future, past.




Time’s up, I’m told.

Funny, I didn’t even know the clock was ticking, that I had to be mindful of an end.

Strange, I thought “this” would last forever,

beautifully sweet, sour and indescribable,

it feels like it’s been my everything for so long,

alas, I’ll miss it and what I thought it was or could have become,