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Charles the Bald 1b

Charles the Bald (not to be confused with Charles the Bold),

may or may not have actually been bald (depending upon what is meant by bald).

This year, if you want to give me a present, so as to say,

don’t give me anything new,

s’il vous plaît.

The past is quite enough to deal with.


(To be continued…)









Boss fumes, telling me she needs this thing done *yesterday*!

But, it’s already tomorrow in Australia …

So, what chance, what hope?


(To be continued…)









Today, I realized that my clock is running slow.

Which is to say, my clock has been progressively slowing over time.

Losing seconds, minutes, “life”.

In effect, my clock has been regressing, whilst progressing.

Indeed, ipso facto, as such,

I am reminded, on so many levels, how

the supposedly “progressive” in actuality,

for the balance of humanity,

is regressive.








1879, Prang, Boston

For as long as there is a calendar,

which informs and dictates our thoughts and actions,

there can be no freedom.

Watching our dreams fly away…




Waking (too early),

in groggy clarity,

I recognize last night’s

thoughts and writing,

as beautiful, insightful





Time flies,

everyday people die.

Time and people pass away,

forgotten every day.




Time flies

and we die.

Buried treasure,

maggots eat,

become flies.





Time passes and context proves the undoing

of everything you hoped would be.

Like, this afternoon’s enlightening sentiment

buried by tonight’s depleted body

and spat-upon soul.

Still, the clock keeps ticking,

yes, the fucking clock,

the calendar,


and various rodents,




suck you dry.




Today, they convert you

to their perverted way of thinking,



and delighting certain tendencies.

(Clever, addictive storylines on your TV & computer screen…)

They inhabit and take over,

your soul and being,

leaving no space or desire

for resistance.

(Indeed, I wonder which evil was worse, and how:

then or now…)




My watch has stopped working,

but I’m in no hurry to fix it.

I’ve lost track of time,

and I feel fine.

Hours, days, months, years,


into obscurity fade.

All is history.

Thus, I can detach myself

and analyze


safe from the capricious dictates

of the elusive,

practically non-existent