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Today, they convert you

to their perverted way of thinking,



and delighting certain tendencies.

(Clever, addictive storylines on your TV & computer screen…)

They inhabit and take over,

your soul and being,

leaving no space or desire

for resistance.

(Indeed, I wonder which evil was worse, and how:

then or now…)





My watch has stopped working,

but I’m in no hurry to fix it.

I’ve lost track of time,

and I feel fine.

Hours, days, months, years,


into obscurity fade.

All is history.

Thus, I can detach myself

and analyze


safe from the capricious dictates

of the elusive,

practically non-existent






no time

is a good time.


it’s relative,

often it’s absolute.




I prefer pen to pencil,

the expectation of permanence,

even if it entails the occasional smudge.




“You wanna give me a Birthday present?” annoyed, I reply.

“OK, fine:

nuclear apocalypse,

everyone dead, gone,

but me, left untouched,


time and space to think and be,





A wise person does not ask a wo/man

about age.

Still, you ask.


… I am as old as the mountains

and as young as this morning’s dew.

I have been alive for as long as I can remember …

In the grand scheme of things,

a mere few days.




My Birthday.

I appreciate the fact of the date,

the anniversary,

I was born on this day,

that’s nice,

significant to me.


I don’t feel like celebrating

or commiserating that,

it just is,

and it


upon how I feel.




Koniec Gry (Game Over)


I remember when

(it seemed)

I had all the time in the world.

All the time in the world,


until it ends.

(Childhood, time, the world…)




As old as the hills

and as young as the latest treachery.




Sibir Rail Track, Taiga, Sunrise


My chance has gone,

the calendar and passport say.

“Did I ever actually have one?”

I sigh.

Fate has no reply.