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When futurity turns into maturity,

when tomorrow becomes yesterday,

you wake up in a cell,

and you feel you have nothing left to hope for.

They lock the door,

they staple your feet to the floor,

and force you to watch the same race,

turgid time, after turgid time,

your least favorite Biathlete ever,

winning, yet again.

30cm TV screen, all too large,

you took a wrong turn

after the Hermitage.





In the cell.


Sensory deprivation,

a strange kind of bliss.

No night, no day, no clock.

I no longer had any idea of time.

I had moved beyond the bounds of linear custody,

become free,

in a sense,

in captivity.

The thoughts in my head,

words spoken,

internal dialog,

a mixture of present, past and future.

“Screw grammar!” I said to myself tomorrow,

yesterday I will be free.


Well, at least I have my memories.


Uh, except the government confiscated my computer and hard drives.

They locked me up and threw away the keys.

And now I’m in sensory deprivation, a blackened room,

crazy thoughts, immediacy, filling my head.

So, no, actually, I don’t have any memory left.

Offline & Screwed.

Posted: 2016-03-14 in Offline, Time


*It* happened!

We are now officially offline,

and the powers-that-be have no interest in reconnecting us.

Okay, timeout, pause, reflect, breathe, calm please … please keep breathing…

Okay, well, at least I have my memories.

Yes, I need to touch base.

So, I go to the case and pull out a DVD,

carefully I place it in the player,

exhale and prepare to relax,

time to tune out of the here and now and uncertainty of tomorrow.

I press “play”

and I retch as I see the playback distorted, degraded, turned to a kind of digital mush.

This great technology which was supposed to last indefinitely,

greater than a human lifetime,

has turned to shit while sitting in a protective case on a solid wooden shelf.


Trust no one.

Trust no thing.

The shit has hit the fan,

we are covered in shit, and… the fan has stopped working.