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Drain 2

We’re all waiting to see the film that will change our lives (for the better).

… Inspirational, enlightening, life-affirming.

Still waiting and tired,

yet hopeful,

we’re inclined to watch trash (for time being).

Alas, increasingly, dulled, it seems,

our expectations lower, we relent,

accepting more and more shit.

… Entertainment?


(To be continued…)








Kz, TV

You call it garbage.



somehow it feeds me

something I need.


satisfying and gratifying

primal urges,

like Sunflower seed purges.

Base reasons for living.








Pie In Face

I’m in the hotel room,

watching TV, sound turned down.

A fat Englishman is allowing himself to be humiliated,

he’s a comedian, overly well paid,

and the spectacle, I gather,

is for charity.

So, everybody is laughing and cheering raucously,

pleased to be participating in a good cause,

self-righteously glowing.

I can tell this without hearing the English words or general TV noise,

which would only confuse and repulse me.

I can also tell that somewhere nearby, tomorrow,

in a schoolyard, a playground, a city street,

a child, or several,

will be tortured by their classmates,

pretend friends,

who right now are smirking,

inspired by this comedy show.

Charity indeed.