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Jerome Cöler, Elder of Nürnberg

The preacher, the leader, is a charismatic figure.

He’ll show you how to turn your life around,

wise pop-psychology,

the importance of plans,

right thoughts and actions.

He has many fans, sells many books, and more,

he’s a real American success story.

I, alas, am turned off,

like a television with no electricity,

his “humble” smugness

and “non-judgmental” damning statements,

leave me empty.


(To be continued…)








Devushka s Knigoy_ Almeida Junior

Preacher gets dirty on philosophy,

not realizing it is, by definition,

the love of wisdom.

And how more Godly could we be?


(To be continued…)








Peter Popoff

Fuck you, TV Preacher!

Of course this thing isn’t God’s “best”.

None of us in temporal manifestation is perfect:

you, me, or the chimpanzee.

So, screw your guilt trip!








dedal i ikar (landon, 1799)

Despite what the TV Preachers imply,

I don’t know if I can make my miracle fly.

Sow a seed, if you please:

such harvest you will reap.








Iphigenia, Sacrifice of_ François Perrier


TV Preacher talks of her childhood,

molested and raped by her father.


She made it through, thank God,

and, though bitter for years,

got to the point where she could forgive,

move on, and talk about it.

And talk, and talk,

preaching the power of forgiveness.

Ultimately then I realize,

whether deliberate or not,

she *has* revenge.

The people, the faithful, the casual,

watchers and listeners around the world

all rightly sympathize.

And millions now know her father was scum

(like the cop he offered her to).

Evil seed in everyone?




Preacher’s preaching, TV.

You don’t understand the message

but you know it’s important,

the organ’s playing, emotive.

You put your hands on the TV screen

and believe.




The TV preacher sounds hollow

to my ears,

around the wall,

in the kitchen.

“Make it happen!”


he’s saying,

squeezing out the mystery,

the Glory

of the Holy Trinity.