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It’s late.

I stare at the Test Pattern,

pretty in a sense,

when quiet,

serene technology of the 20th Century.

But then

the deafening tone shrieks,

public service at work,

to make sure you turn the TV off,

except I can’t.

It’s stuck.

And I’m stuck.

The piercing repeats

and repeats,



Wrong time, wrong place.

A special kind of torture.

I try to shield my ears,

to no avail.

Life, today.






the powers that be

decided to be…




sow yet more frustration…

Induced dementia…

Two channels:

one showed chess,

one fencing.

The switch on the set,


allowed me to change between the two.

Frankly, I couldn’t decide,

(a bizarre kind of dilemma).

My mind numb,

confusing commentary,

I wanted to understand,

instead I felt dizzy.

Totally overcome.


I fell down.




I don’t remember how I got to sleep,

nor for how long I slept.

No dreams,

hazy memory.

I came to with a horribly dry mouth,


I felt like I’d been drugged.

The TV was on but silent,

the gray-white-black fuzz they call snow


I imagined it was falling

and, with a tight smile,

I imagine the real thing might be falling too,


My mind’s eye…

It might as well be Saturn.




Superheroes, cops, agents, and the like,


enter commercials, adverts…

selling banalities, souls, and the perverse.

Blaringly loud,

music jingles and clanging voices,

capitalist, consumerist overload…


The TV seemed to be stuck,

it was dementing,

I tried to change the channel,

I tried to switch it off,

I tried to turn it down,

it wouldn’t budge.

It was torture.

“Welcome to the future!”

boomed an ominous tone…

If this was that,

the 21st Century,

then I was glad to be inside,

outside society,

to live and die,

hopefully in peace and alone.




My captors gave me a small television set.

Only two channels,

it reminded me of my childhood.

What were my captors thinking?

Those superheroes of TV,

fighting evil and blasphemy,

week after week,

the kind of shit that would send

normal people into breakdown,

but *they* bounce back,

again and again,

with a smile and a shrug,

to fight another day,

never tired,

never scared.

They are a bad example.