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SpaceX Dragon Crew Demo-2_ DT & Pence 2

A winning blend, they believe,

of capitalism, show business,

and chest-thumping nationalism.

This is the stuff of democracy!

(aka electoral victory)

Suddenly self-reliant, apparently;

oozing hubris, the child leaves.

Goodbye, no need to thank strange other,

former fellow traveler.

“This day is history!” the child sneeringly crows.

In the sense that it is past, yes,

otherwise, no.


(To be continued…)








Fetal Position 1

It starts with a myriad of thoughts,

brain-flooding, torrent of negativity.

Then, all-consuming agony,

radiating from my head

to my everything.

I drift in & out of consciousness,

transitioning into a throbbing nothingness,

where pain overwhelms, totally,

making thought beyond the agony’s essence


… This is existence?


(To be continued…)