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Dzhentileski_ Melankholiya

When the dream ended;

sweat-soaked, gutted, offended;

couldn’t rouse, move on.


(To be continued…)








I read silently,

the words and imagery so beautiful,

my heart aches.

What hope realization,

or even partial manifestation,

in this imperfect world?

My heart breaks.




I woke up with a 1 Ruble coin in my hand.


How and from whom, unknown.

It fitted perfectly into my hand’s curl,

palm receptive.

I felt its curve and brought it up to my face.

I smelled it, for some reason,

then studied *its* face.

1977, Olympic issue,

3 years hence,


I smiled.

I wonder who held it before me,

this coin,

who bequeathed it,

several times over,

in serendipitous turns,


generally unthinking and banal,

fleeting possession, in exchange…

Maybe to buy toilet paper,

possibly bread,

50 issues of Pravda?

Perhaps Andropov himself…




I dreamt I was someone else,

or maybe myself, in another time and place.

I was deep in conversation about the merits of the USSR approach.

“USSR approach to what? Global politics, internal economy, sporting success?” I wondered, wordlessly.

Meandering through neural pathways,

the answer formed like the wind crying






Welcome to 1986.