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Lake Baikal, Starry Night Sky

“Maestro,” he said mockingly, knowingly,

“Stars belong only in the sky,

far from human grasp.”


(To be continued…)








Vostok Kota


like the ghost of an oily cat,

rubbing itself against my window,

begging to be let in.


(To be continued…)








Paper Sheet_ Dirty, Messy 1

I turned over a new page,

decided on a fresh start,

determined to do …

But, alas, the new page was soon as messy as all the previous,

confused, complicated, compromised, attempts.


(To be continued…)








Broken Window 2

“Traitor!” said the soldier-guard, holding a gun to the prisoner’s head,

following orders,


“To what?!” exclaimed the prisoner, defiant;

true to himself, to the bitter end.


(To be continued…)









Seconds from being happy,

I spill my coffee …


(To be continued…)








Plums, Methley

“Go for the low hanging fruit,” he said.

Uncomprehending, she paused, then smiled:

“Oh, you mean the testicles!”








Palmen am Meer_

She simpers and blows him a kiss.

(Some kind of idyll and bliss…)

He feels a tantalizing breeze on his cheek,

in his mind

he sees her…



as Palmen am Meer,

Tanzmusik aus Kambodscha.

… Schöne Tag,









Alexandre Dumas & Adah Isaacs Menken, 1866

Right day, wrong year…

I watch some TV,

This thing they show me…

Alas, it’s all too apparent,

mediocrity pays.








Forest Fire

The death of a loved one,

so traumatic, I’ll never forget,

and always regret,

the torrent

of destruction that followed.

Unholy purgatory,

minions of hell,

perverted concepts of revenge.

All so unnecessary,

curse and theft,

it breaks my heart


Life amongst the living dead,

alas, selfish,

perfidious clan.










Lilli’s mother,

who remains at heart a Nazi,

once told her:

it is good for children to play in dirt.