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Meteor X

Humans, in their hubris, think that they know.

*They* do not know.

*I* do not know.

*We* can speculate, postulate, approximate.

But, we do not,

and can not, truly know.


(To be continued…)








Night Sky, Stars

As I look at the sky, and breathe, I realize

tomorrow’s tiredness is worth tonight’s peace.


(To be continued…)








Starry Night Sky, Trees (Rus)

Winter night.

I go out and look at the sky.

Stars abundant and bright.

I’m impressed, as always,

natural wonderment at firmament,

but distracted, as artificial flashing lights

catch my eye. … Aircraft.

And the moment is lost.

Now, all I can focus on

is the banal, the human where and why.

(Where are they going, and why? …

As if this fallen world is so great!)

I am glad, at least, that human travel in space is minimal

and am mindful enough to pray it remains so.

For, where people go,

they tend to destroy,



Even in their dreams.


(To be continued…)









Peace, looking at sky…

Eternal gift, by God’s Grace.

Business wants to block.

(To be continued…)








UFOs over New York,


and in Voronezh…

Whether you hear John Lennon

or Nikolai Noskov in your head…

It is always a good idea

to heed Orthodox advice:

the Sign of the Cross

and an ardent Jesus Prayer.

… Hold your breath,

cease panic and fear.

The MVD will send troops


they reappear.