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Падут подле тебя тысяча и десять тысяч одесную тебя; но к тебе не приблизится: только смотреть будешь очами твоими и видеть возмездие нечестивым.

(Псалтирь 91, 7-8)

I’m fairly sure, manda,

that you don’t remember the anniversary,

that haunts my soul

and fucks my essence,

in which you are central.

Nonetheless, I’m fairly certain,

that you are rotting in hell,

one way or another.

Lest we forget:

… mother against mother.




We hurt.

We hate.

Vision clouded by tears,

we listen to the demons speak.

Endless cycle of injustice,

we retort,



(It feels so right…)

What chance peace?

When confusion reins,

endless maelstrom,

tuneless cacophony,


Everyday Sturm und Drang…

We hurt.

We hate.

We suffocate.




Hitler said that if you wanted a certain job done

you had to get the Latvians involved.

He spoke (it’s recorded)

in condescending tones

about how they would do the things

no one else could do,

implying the Latvians were scum,

more or less,

from an obvious analysis.

But really, with wisdom applied,

between the printed lines,

it’s apparent,

Hitler feared the Latvians.


And now, we forget…

Decadent deference,

histories swallowed,

and lost dichotomies of self-defence.


Mount Ararat stands awesomely,

a spectacular scene,


it doesn’t respect human-imposed borders,

it is higher than lines on a map.

Mount Ararat does care,

stoically despairs,

that it looks down on one side

to a people who let churches crumble and,


use them as chicken sheds,


having deliberately chipped away

the Holy Cross from the ancient stone doorway.

Graveyards despoiled,

“treasure” looted, stolen and sold,

filthy lucre accrued,


Desecration and blasphemy.

We look on, from our modern city,

unable to do anything.



Another day.

Another man sells his soul to the devil.

Professing a religion,

motivated by hate,

self-righteous evil,

he acts

and drags all humanity down.

Endless spiral.

Hell on Earth.


Deluded and bamboozled

by your wannabe

bourgeois ideology,

bells and whistles,

telling me what to do,

I forget myself,

the essential and fundamental,

individual and collective,

beautiful possibilities gone.

I watch the programs on TV you tell me to

and obey the adverts in between times.

I am your soldier,

you feed me shit,

as we march westwards

into the sunset

and death.

Thank you, at least, for giving me the opportunity to have a nice funeral – I only need to sell my soul and legacy to this life-insurance policy, a plan truly for death.


Garden of Eden.

Something beautiful,

sullied by your perception,

messed up,

by your rejection of grace,

your refusal to consider others,

as they should refuse to consider you.

You string me along,

then humiliate,

and desecrate.

Well, screw you,

I take no blame.

You are a big man,

a real bald-headed Adam.

I say: Get behind me, Satan,

I’ve had enough of your crap.


Moskva ’80,

Zapad ’81.

You act,

we react,

it’s a matter of fact.

Get with the program!

You hate,

we abhor.

And wait for LA ’84.


The young generation feels no need to apologize for the sins of their forebears.

The old generation feels no need to forgive the youngsters.

Endless cycle,

clash of civilizations,

the hate knows no depths

but despair,

electric rocking chair.

Ultimate futility and pissing in the wind.

We are only happy when we meet at funerals.

What chance Opera Ball

and romance?


We don’t realize it,

the damage we do,

each day in passing

to our comrades,

sister and brother,


Snide remarks, slightly offensive tones,

thoughtless actions,

like tapping your fingers on a car roof…

Meaning no harm

but adding insult to injury,


pain and torment.

We don’t mean it,

we’re tired and insensitive,

but we are, in some way,

the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Our friend, our enemy,

tomorrow suicide.

We rub our foreheads and wonder why.