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HMVS Cerberus, Musket Drills

So far, distant and perverse,

hysteria perverts.

Despite oceans of salt and bitterness,

cretins cling to loyalties, hatreds inbred.

Goodness, we never had,

the old days were just as bad.




S/he talks a little,

detached, perfunctory,

I reply sufficiently

(no more).

I have no desire for a thaw,

I still hurt,

my wounds are open,

bleeding, …





Moscow, New York, is no more,

if it ever was,


But always,

one way or another,

it shall remain,

indelibly Russian.

You just need to know


to go.

And peace…

Be quiet,


touch the object,

like a lion’s foot,


and reflect.

Like: “What comes next?

…Once upon a time…”



After some effort,

blocking out external stimuli,

I fell asleep.

It was a brief respite.

I dreamt of an enemy,

the way they used to be,

a friend,

it was nice,

the way family should be.

I woke up.

Alas, reality’s stark,

albeit unnecessary.

A shame it’s not up to me.

We didn’t have to be enemies.