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Heat of the moment,

heat of the day,

I pulled my top up,

I held it up.

Side of the highway

I cheered loudly,

as the cyclists went by,

making a spectacle of myself.

I don’t know why

but, wow, it felt right!

Only later,

after seeing some pictures

and reading some nonsense

did I think about it

in a rational sense.

It seems I have become a minor celebrity,

albeit anonymous and almost faceless

(the pictures focus on my chest).

Today’s pseudo-sensation,

tomorrow’s forgotten,

lost assignation.

And so,

I thought,

simpering to myself,


what my subconscious motivations were

to show everyone watching

my breasts

(and, yes, I knew there was a TV camera there).

Was it a childish attempt to seduce,

or to cheer

(after all, what man doesn’t like looking at breasts?),

or was I proving my womanhood,

indulging a maternal instinct

(“Hey, guys, come suckle,

land of milk and honey!”).

Perhaps it was an act of rebellion

(“Not fuck me,

more fuck you!),

a fun one, I would add.

Maybe I was doing what society expects,

a crazy woman-child, immature,

gone wild.

Conceivably, I’m an exhibitionist.

Could be, I’m a mere pawn.

Feasibly, I wanted to fluster.

Definitely, I wanted to make guys smile

(to an extent hard).

I don’t know

but it felt thrilling


je ne regrette rien.





She wasn’t the most attractive child.

In fact, her vibe was typical arrogant teenager.

I felt an immediate dislike,

as I watched her walk by,

waiting for the lights to change.

But somehow

something suddenly clicked in me,

and I saw this girl for what she actually was,

a creation…



but infinitely more complex

and better than anything else her parents could have mustered

(think crappy woodwork projects).

Indeed, a real, live creation…

The thought bounced around in my head,

and suddenly I felt the urge to procreate.

The hope of humanity

was stirred in me.

Whereas yesterday,

I had scorned the refugees

who gave birth in warzones

(Imagine bringing life into such hell!),


I got it…

The fundamental human need to bring forth new life,

The ultimate in works,



God in us,

God through us.

Life goes on.



Something about love,

Valentine’s Day, so they say.

… Platitudes hollow.


The child’s face showed she didn’t approve.

It wasn’t sweet, true,

but I liked it.

Perhaps my taste was moderated,

I reasoned,

by an adult’s appreciation of cost, convenience and health.

Indeed, adult considerations.

As I reflected upon such realities

the juice tasted better

and better,

beyond banalities.

Such is life.

Get used to it, kid!