It’s an Izhmash,

you might sneer,

but I don’t fear,

it’s enough for what I want,


yes, reliable,

as the Sun rises tomorrow,

and I remember yesterday,

in my dreams,

sweet dreams,

blown away.





Innocence, beautiful and sweet,

still has the ability to make me smile,

and sigh.

… Chagrin.

… I too was innocent,


before being stabbed in the heart,

long dagger piercing through

from my back.




I saw the 7-11 store & was surprised at the name…

(In America, they honor the date?)

Maybe it was for people, like me,

to help adjust to the Decadent West.


So I went inside

and was lost.


Of course,

here and there,

everything is perverted,

and even numbers lie.





To the onlooker I was,

probably degraded

and definitely compromised.

So, what to do

but fantasize?

Remembering my old Izhmash

and picturing what I would do,

shot by shot to you.





He asked me go bottomless. After all, he said, men like all pussies and don’t judge them the same way they do tits, so what’s to fear? He wanted me to be in his new film, a wannabe college sorority hazing. I was to be the exchange student (again!).

In his wisdom, he reminded me that men are the opposite of women: bottomless men are judged by size, bottomless women are not. The complexities of that can of worms were lost on him.

What could I say? He was offering good money.





The fashionista proclaims that you can tell a lot about a man by his wristwatch, his chosen timepiece.

Like, he may not be able to afford an appropriate car to reflect his vibe, but with a well-chosen watch he can convey his hopes and aspirations, his essence and being.

The man-child looks down at his unadorned wrist and smiles,






When everything disappears

and sleep is your only friend,

you wonder if any of it ever really existed…

Was your past any more real than tonight’s dreams?





Not here,

and nowhere near…

You want to find happiness?

You must live long enough

to have a chance!

Yes, indeed,

the thing is,

the key:

you need

to live a long life.





In the banality

lies hidden

a certain kind of morality.

You hope.

An honor code.

But, betrayed so much,

you are tired of giving people

the benefit of the doubt.

… What hope?





I’ve had it with futility.

I despair,


in a quagmire of unfair,




People who do bad

and get good.


Unspoken social contract,

rule number one:

Society rewards scum.