Headache, Drinking Tea, Utro_

Time hasn’t been kind

to our kind,

in my mind,

splitting headache,

dreams forsake.









Starry Night Sky, Trees (Rus)

They say it is a sin to pray for “the suicides”.

I say this is blasphemy.

It is the antithesis of love.

Who better, indeed, to pray for than those desperate,

tormented souls,

for whom life itself has become so unbearable

that they are willing instead to embrace the abyss,


Jesus, surely, would have prayed for the suicides,

privately *and* publicly.

And besides, haughty Pharisees,

suicide takes many forms and time frames:

consider the man who smokes and eats badly, excessively,

knowing it is doing him ill,

shortening his life on earth,

yet still he persists,

submitting to sensual temptation.

Giving himself unto death.

Indeed, each and every day,

one way or another,

we all

… Suicide.


show some grace!)









“We all got the same 24 hours in a day,”

TV Man says (hubris and chagrin),

“You want to succeed, people?

Stop complaining and

organize your time!”

Maybe TV Man don’t realize,


or understand why,

Maria’s got three jobs.

(This is the Dream?)









Water follows the path of least resistance.

Your body is mainly water,

your brain especially so…

Ipso facto:

Go with the flow!








Death Valley 2


an overwhelming futility feeling

washes over me

and I lose all energy,

all sense of possibility…

the future is foreboding,

no point in continuing,

no point in anything,

beyond this present moment…

I lie on the floor,


it’s all I have

and all I can expect.








The Worship of Mammon

The vileness we find ourselves in

demands a reaction,

one way or another.

Everything is unfair

and the pain seem inescapable.

Treacherous solar winds radiate,

burning, searing,

bodies and minds.

People instinctively lie,


and violate,

cloaking it in “progressive” vibes,

stroking egos and fatty tissue…

(In reality they don’t give a shit,

but they want to appear “legit”;

hollow scum, festering liberal cankers!)

If I could,

I would sleep like a child,

10, 12 hours,

and expect everything better

in morning rising.

(*As if!*)

For people to be genuine…

That is my dream.








Death Valley 6

Welcome to Planet Earth,

death lives here.

An empty hole,

where once was soul.

Brittle shell,

gateway to hell.

Welcome to Planet Earth,

so much dearth.








Charles Keating i John McCain

This is the team that won history,


a disparate gang, united by one commonality:

Greed is good.

Defaming the name of God

and morality,

lunch bag legends, proclaiming:

“the weak, meek and ignorant are always good targets.”

Cold hard cash and phoney credit lies,

dog eat dog, rabid bulls charging,

insatiable hunger,

exploiting the vulnerable, manipulating,


your grandmother and mine.

… Thieves prosper

in the evil empire.









Lot's Wife

Your “pride and joy”,

your passions and possessions,


will crumble to ashes.

Don’t look back!








9.24 Pregnant Wm & Girl

It used to be

that seeing and hearing such things

intrigued, stimulated,

inspired me.

Now, instead, they mock

and scorn,

reminding me of things that should have been,

of bloody reality,

and treacheries that broke my heart.