and flagellations.

Society, others and self drag one under…

… As waves crash on the shore

and life washes away.




Don’t sit, it’s too expensive.

Stand at the café

and walk away.




Naked I stand before them…

They gawk, smirk and laugh,

sensing humiliation, they salivate.

Nothing (much) left to lose, I feel

exposed and strangely liberated,

arms akimbo, I laugh back.

Sensing crazy, they walk away.




Rapidity and run to the market.

Snipers taking pot-shots

and big-shots cashing in

(on our glorious history

and our current misery).

So, this is capitalism?

Like Sarajevo…

The much-vaunted freedom from Communism?

… Your vapidity gives me the shits.




It’s Summer

and they’re giving away watermelon at the market:

children and adults rush with gleeful abandon,

but nothing is truly free…




I’m an optimist:

when they leave,

I don’t expect them to come back…




Human existence…

Limited resistence.

Every now and then you run into a wall,

jaded, wise and cynical,

you realize the futility of it all.

Thousands of years of evolution,

one way or another,

for this?

(Poxy pinnacle!)

Why do we go on?

(Deluding ourselves with stupid songs…)

As a species,

when our primal urges are thwarted,


our lofty ambitions of improvement fail,

banality and futility reign,

and there is no hope,


what is there left to live for?





allows everyone,


to progress their agenda,

regardless of carnage.

Drugs, evil, gangs, pain.

Oliver North,

Sheepshead Bay hero,

yes man, can-do man,

are you listening?



real Americans,

know it’s complicated.

(…Please desist from blaming us

for everything…)




When the atlas meant something…

The promise of both escape and finding oneself.

Wide expanse…


When you could dream

and remember the next day.





Moscow, New York, is no more,

if it ever was,


But always,

one way or another,

it shall remain,

indelibly Russian.

You just need to know


to go.

And peace…

Be quiet,


touch the object,

like a lion’s foot,


and reflect.

Like: “What comes next?

…Once upon a time…”